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31 March 2008

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My shadow
9 March 2008

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3 March 2008

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k@ on X+
Compo is so fun ;)

Rehim on X+
zor ciwane ,wêneyekî cîyawaze!!aferîn

photonscibbles on X+ cuttttte

Eleftheria! on On the way

parastoo on X+
chera dige lahazate zendegito shekar nemikoni? inja hamishe montazere ye akse jadid hastim bodo ke delemun vase negahe ...

Khorshid.~ on X+
vayyy che mojoodate dus dashtaniyi! cheghadr khube in shot :) shad shodam yani! =) merC

Masoud Nahali on X+
sense of movement is excellent.

angel on X+
delam tang shode vase axat:"(

Jennifer Radio on X+
adorable puppies!

Cuentos on intermix in eachother...
This is an excellent capture and good angle. It is a beautiful and intricate art of the nature. I love it. Saludos, ...

Taurus on X+
oh so Lovely! wow,they are so small and amazing, I want to kiss that one who watches up!

Vian on Newroz 4 (Celebration and Dancing)
You should’ve seen Newroz in Boston, we had a HUGE party lasted till 2 in the morning. We had 3 Performers ...

Photographs by M.E. on X+
ohhhh those puppies are so cute and adorable! nice shot!

parastoo on X+
salam ey baba akse jadid koooooooooo?

Dhini on X+
Cute dogs

angel on X+
pas ko axaye khoshgelet:)

malahat on X+
وای ... چه نازن اینا خدا خیلی قشنگن

Faramarz on X+
so cute...!!!

Brites on Newroz 4 (Celebration and Dancing)
Excellent scene!

ChaCha on X+
LoL! Funny Shot!

parastoo on X+
emkanesh hast akse jadid ro bezarin? in kas chera sabet monde va yeki dige jasho nemigire?! agar che kheyli naze ama ...

timothy sullivan on X+
cute shot :)

mosleh on X+
Beautiful candid shot ...daskhoshkak dara ... :)

Mike on X+
Sweet............ these are cuties for sure. Perfect.

eksir on X+
akhari che bamazast

Brites on X+
Excellent scene.

Michael on X+
Funny shot!

Ronnie 2¢ on X+
One of those photo-moments that you hafta be quick to catch before they are gone. Nice one!

Saeed on X+
Excellent shot. Lovely dogs :)

timothy sullivan on X+
nice dags :)

Teresa Durães on X+
very nice!

Nishana Minhaz on X+
very cute puppies.. they all have funky hair-dos!

Daroru on X+
Very funny!

Gary on X+
How adorable. It looks like they have alot of work ahead of them with those stairs. By all means you may use the ...

lissa on X+
what's the white dog looking at? adorable shot

e. on X+
Awwwww they're so adorable! Great shot.

Amir Sooki on X+
عکس چه ریتم خاصی داره ، حرکت توش نشون داده میشه . فتوبلاگ به این ...

پرستو on X+
on dare chio negah mikone? hamuni ke vaisade va khoshgel negah mikone? :)

iVahid on X+
wow, they are so cute!

danthro on X+
nice POV and framing. those are some tiny little dogs!

standley on X+
Beautiful candid shot. I love it!

rain girl on X+
aww the expression onthe doggie's face is sooo adorable!! love it! :)

angel on X+
love it:) nice One!

timothy sullivan on Newroz 6 (Celebration and Dancing)
nice photo-- the slight blur ads to the energy of the subject

Saeed on Newroz 6 (Celebration and Dancing)
very Nice shot. Great Colors . . .

Gary on Newroz 6 (Celebration and Dancing)
Another striking photo. Very nice.

Jen on Newroz 6 (Celebration and Dancing)
Beautiful colors

eksir on Newroz 6 (Celebration and Dancing)
nice shot

iVahid on Newroz 4 (Celebration and Dancing)
Hey man! I love Kurdish dance! Nice series!

Brites on Newroz 5 (Celebration and Dancing)
Nice work.

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